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Acid Dyes

Ribadol Leather Dyes

Ribadol Leather Dyes

EVADOL Leather Dyes offered are of superior finish quality and can be used on different types of leathers. The exclusive range of leather dyes assists in improving look, shine and life of different leather products and can be offered in different shade choices, grades and specifications. Available at competitive market prices, these dyes assist in enhancing the life of product and come with features like easy to use, superior shelf life, excellent dye exhaustion as well as improved dye fixation.

Model Overview

Product NameC.I. Generic Name
Yellow RNAcid Yellow 42
Yellow GRAcid Yellow 99
Yellow A3RLAcid Yellow 194
Yellow RDAcid Orange 3
Fast Orange SAcid Orange 56
Orange GAcid Orange 74
Orange MRLAcid Orange 142
Red PGAcid Red 97
Bordeaux VNAcid Red 119
Red 3BNAcid Red 131
Scarlet ALAcid Red 357
Red ABRAcid Red 362
Violet 4BAcid Violet 17
Bordeaux MBAcid Violet 90
Blue ASAcid Blue 7
Blue FFSAcid Blue 15
Navy Blue S5RAcid Blue 113
Blue 2GAcid Blue 158
Navy Blue RLAcid Blue 193
Green VAcid Green 16
Green BSAcid Green 111
Brown BRAcid Brown 14
Brown NRAcid Brown 75
Brown CTAcid Brown 85
Brown RLAcid Brown 106
Brown N3GAcid Brown 160
Brown NGBAcid Brown 161
Brown NTAcid Brown 165
Brown NHAcid Brown 188
Brown SGRAcid Brown 282
Brown M2RLAcid Brown 365
Brown GLAcid Brown 422
Brown GNAcid Brown 425
Grey BLAcid Black 58
Black ONGAcid Black 1
Black OLGAcid Black 234
Black ONTAcid Black 210
Black SBDirect Black 168
Black BFDirect Black 155
Black RLAcid Black 194

Acid Colour

Acid Colour

Acid Color options offered by us can be made available under different classes like as leveling acid/strong acid dye, milling/weak acidic dyes and super milling/fast acid/neutral acid dye forms. With available options including ACID YELLOW 2G, ACID TETRAZINE ACID YELLOW R, ACID METANIL YELLOW G, ACID YELLOW 5GN, ACID YELLOW G, ACID ORANGE II and others, these find application in nylon, modified acrylic fibers, silk, wool from neutral to acid dye baths. Further, these are also suitable for dyeing protein/animal fibers like mohair, angora, wool, silk, alpaca and other nylons and synthetics.

Model Overview

product name c. I. No.
acid yellow 2ga. Yellow 17
acid tetrazine acid yellow ra. Yellow 23
acid metanil yellow ga. Yellow 36
acid yellow 5gna. Yellow 110
acid yellow ga. Orange 3
acid orange iia. Orange 7
acid crystal orange ga. Orange 10
acid orange cra. Orange 116
acid red 2g (geramine ga. Red 1
acid rubine ca. Red 14
acid scarlet 3ra. Red 18
acid rhodamine b 400%a. Red 52
acid rubine 3ga. Red 57
acid scarlet mooa. Red 73
acid f. Red aa. Red 88
acid milling red rsa. Red 114
acid maroon va. Red 119
acid red 3bna. Red 131
acid br. Red 2ba. Red 249
acid patent blue vsa. Blue 1
acid patent blue as a. Blue 7
acid blue va. Blue 9
acid blue fba. Blue 15
acid blue grla. Blue 25j
acid f blue ba. Blue 45
acid commasie blue rla. Blue 92
acid ink blue ga. Blue 93
acid n. Blue 5ra. Blue 113
acid violet 4bsa. Violet 17
acid violet 4bna. Violet 49
acid brown rda. Brown 14
acid brown dsa. Brown 58
acid brown era. Brown 75
acid brown c2ga. Brown 83
acid brown 3ga. Brown 98
acid brown 4ra. Brown 161
acid brown nta. Brown 165
acid brown 5 ra. Brown 348
acid brown sga. Brown 349,
acid brown sgla. Brown 402
acid brown rla. Brown 434
acid green ba. Green 1
acid green v 333%a. -green-16

12 Metal Complex Dyestuffs

12 Metal Complex Dyestuffs

12 Metal Complex Dyestuffs options offered by us include ACID YELLOW M2GLN, ACID YELLOW M3RL, ACID YELLOW M5RL, ACID ORANGE MRL, ACID SCARLET ML, ACID RED MBR, ACID BORDEAUX MB, ACID BLUE MTR, ACID BROWN MBL, ACID BROWN M2RL, ACID BROWN GRL, ACID OLIVE MBGL, ACID BLACK MSRL and ACID BLACK MR. As chromium/cobalt complexes, these dyes have superior affinity towards protein fibers that makes these best choice for dyeing of polyamide fibers. Coming with typical monoazo structure that contain additional groups like hydroxyl, carboxyl/amino groups, these come with features including medium washing fastness as well as superior light-fastness. Some application areas these are used in include wood stains, leather finishing, stationery printing inks, inks and for coloring for metals, plastic.

Model Details

product namec. I. No.

acid yellow mgra. Yellow 99

acid orange mga. Orange 74

acid acidred grea. Red 183

acid violet brown ba. Red 184

acid pink bna. Red 186

acid bordeaux rma. Red 194

acid pink bea. Red 195

acid blue m2ga. Blue 158

acid black waa. Black 52

11 Metal Complex Dyestuffs

11 Metal Complex Dyestuffs

11 Metal Complex Dyestuff options offered by us include ACID YELLOW MGR, ACID ORANGE MG, ACID ACIDRED GRE, ACID VIOLET BROWN B, ACID PINK BN, ACID BORDEAUX RM, ACID PINK BE, ACID BLUE M2G and ACID BLACK WA. As chromium or cobalt complexes, these dyes have great affinity towards protein fibers which makes them most preferred for dyeing of wool. Coming in typically monoazo structure, these work by forming strong coordination complexes with transition metal ions like Cobalt, Copper, Nickel, Chromium and providing medium washing fastness as well as excellent, light-fastness. Some of the application areas include as wood stains, in leather finishing, in inks as well as for coloring in metals, plastic and other materials.

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